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Mike Schumacher of the Placer Camera Club sent out an E-mail a couple of days ago (3-31-11) about the waterfalls on the Yankee Jim Road. Saturday Sandy I went up to my brother’s place in Auburn to visit and decided to go up to Yankee Jim’s Road after our visit. We left Auburn around 5:30 pm to go up and check out the waterfalls on Yankee Jim Road up in the Colfax area. I had not been “DOWN” the Yankee Jim Road for over 20 years, so I printed out a map from Google Maps. I entered: “Colfax, CA, Yankee Jim Road” and the right map came up. The Yankee Jim Road goes from the Colfax area down into the North Fork of the American River Canyon (Ca State Park) and back up to the town of Forest Hill. The road is a steep and narrow gravel road, but is passable in a passenger car. While we did not have a lot of time, I did get to shoot five different waterfalls, the last one by my car head lights. I would guess in about another week or so there will be a lot of wild flowers, but I'm not sure about the waterfalls. Truman E-mail: [email protected]

"Thank you!" Mike Schumacher.

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